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Avatar name: CountessaRoxanna
Age: 42
Access Pass: Yes
Location: United States ~ TN
Camping, 4 wheeling, Horse back riding, Family, Boys sports football, Board Games, Developing, Interior design,
Web design, Reading, Long Baths, Quiet Time, Sitting next to a hot fire, and a bunch more.

Style you wish to model:
Anything if I have the outfit

Experience, post portfolio if you have one:
Developer I model my own products

Do you own male and female avatars:
not on this account

Do you own any VisNova avatar:
not sure what it is I will get back on this one

What poses do you own(list):
I have some equiped on my Avatar I also own a large list

How many skins do you own:
10 or so

How many heads do you own:
8 or so
Developer (yes/no):

Interested in hiring models in future:
always looking for a male to pose furniture with and video hosting by TinyPic and video hosting by TinyPic